Fantastic Plastic Mosaic

While on another late night web hunt for unique mosaics, I found a project that really caught my eye. Chicago artist Mary Ellen Croteau has collected enough plastic bottle caps to arrange them into an 8'x7' mosaic self portrait. Except where the whiteboard was showing through, no paint was used during the mosaic process, nor was the source image superimposed on the backing board - we're looking at a true mosaic here!

What I find so mesmerizing is the smooth edges of the final image, probably due to the circular shape of the plastic caps. The varying shades of color throughout the mosaic are also quite impressive. Croteau said she had noticed that by placing caps inside one another, their colors would blend together and this had reminded her of the portraits painted by artist Chuck Close. In turn, she entitled her mosaic self portrait CLOSE. Another incredible mosaic creation for our viewing pleasure!