Hi! Thank you for visiting my review site. My name is Melissa, I am your typical American girl with two loving parents and a wonderful younger brother and sister. I graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Photography.  Ever since I can remember I was interested in all types of photos. Being somewhat of a gadget person, I really fell in love with digital cameras (both point-and-shoot and DSLRs). I have owned a digital camera as soon as they hit the commercial market back in 1998 (a whole one megapixel!).

After graduating from Penn State in 2002, I had thousands of pictures that were all just sitting on my hard drive. Looking for a solution to display all of these photos, I quickly discovered that the "photo mosaic" (also referred to as a picture mosaic or photo montage) was my answer.

I tried for about 2 months to create my own from various mosaic software I downloaded. Although I got close to what I would consider to be a "good" mosaic, I was never completely satisfied. The other issue I found was finding a printing vendor that was able to print the mosaic at a high enough dpi (resolution) to truly make the mosaic something special and professional looking.

At this point, I decided to turn to a professional mosaic service; however this is turned out to be another ordeal as finding a custom mosaic company that actually created "real" mosaics that met all of my expectations was difficult. After being disappointed time and time again, I finally found a company that produced a mosaic that actually exceeded all of my expectations. After going through all this trouble I decided to start a review site devoted to custom photo mosaic creation with the goal of helping all those interested in creating there own custom mosaic. I hope this site is helpful and saves you time and money.

A good place to start is the Mosaic 101 page, which describes some of the things to watch out for when creating your own mosaic.

Please remember that this site is a work in progress... I hope to provide the most relevant up to date information in the world of photographic mosaics.

For any questions or comments, please send email to: