The Review Process

We wanted to create a review process that was completely impartial and unbiased. Using the same target source image and cells, we chose the top four photo mosaic design companies and online photo mosaic tools. We recorded our experiences with each company and online tool along with the quality of their mosaic results.

To be considered for review, each company and app had to meet the following criteria:
1) A listing that appears in the first three pages of Google or Yahoo search results for the term "photo mosaic" or "picture mosaic" OR appear in a "sponsored listings" section of either of these search engines.
2) Reasonable pricing. Equal to or less than $300.00 (USD) for a mosaic product with a print size of approximately 18"x24"
3) Offer online ordering.

The following source images were used for our review: 

photomosaic designer target source
Photo Mosaic Designer Source Image
photomosaic app target source
Online Photo Mosaic Tool Source Image

We were looking for somewhat complicated source images, however not too complicated that it would be impossible to create a quality mosaic. We chose photos with people to test the facial recognition abilities of each mosaic company and app.

We also used with the same 400 cell photos to create each mosaic, here is a small sample of the cell photos we submitted:
Some of the cell photos submitted

After a few weeks, we had recorded our experiences with each company and online tool and fully analyzed the final mosaic results.

Check out our "Design Services" and "Software & Tools" pages for our full reviews. If you or anyone else has used one of these services, please feel free to write your own review! Hopefully these reviews are helpful in selecting the mosaic service that's right for you.