Mosaic of Galactic Proportions

When I was very young, the first piece of art I was introduced to was Van Gogh's Starry Night. I was truly moved by it. The sweeping, textured winds, and the enormous stars were things that I, as a child, could easily relate to. So, when I found a photo mosaic of Starry Night with actual Hubble telescope photos as the cells, I was again re-absorbed into the piece.

The photo mosaic was created in April 2012 by astrophysicist Alex Parker to commemorate the Hubble telescope's 22nd launch anniversary. What fascinates me most about this photo mosaic is how true to the mosaic concept it holds; photos of the cosmos combined to pay tribute to a classic work of art. The content and color tones of the cell images are just right to create a mesmerizing Starry Night photo mosaic.