A Day in the Life

November is American Diabetes Month and I've been looking for a unique way to honor my late grandmother who suffered from type 2 diabetes. What I found was that the American Diabetes Association has collaborated with Picture Mosaics to create an online photo mosaic dedicated to those effected by diabetes. As you know, I love photo mosaics, so I was immediately drawn in by this concept.



The mosaic shows what a day in the life is like for people with diabetes, and how each day can be a struggle. I took some time to browse through the online photo mosaic, seeing all the different people who have submitted their photos. I was able to fully zoom into each individual photo and 'like' any that I found particularly interesting. Based entirely within a Facebook tab, the mosaic has become quite popular with over 40,000 likes! Without a doubt, the perfect way to show your support - check it out today.