Two Great Car Mosaics for the Fans...

Recently being in the market for a new car, I stumbled upon these two very cool mosaics when visiting their brand's Facebook pages. I added my photo and really felt like I was part of the brand experience. I never realized that a mosaic could really offer such a unique consumer-brand building experience, but these two mosaics do just that.

Jeep and Mini photo mosaic

I know what you are thinking: a Jeep and a Mini, could I really be looking at two more opposite types of cars? I agree, but I like riding up high and having that extra cargo room, but I am a sucker for those cute Mini Coopers.

The Jeep Mosaic is simply a great way for fans become a part of the mosaic and share their favorite Jeep photos in a unique and fun way, the mosaic celebrates Jeeps, 1 millionth fan. The Mini Mosaicwas a bit different; you are able to submit your Facebook profile photos and enter a sweepstakes to win the 2 millionth Mini. As more people entered their profile photo, it slowly reveals more of the soon to be announced 2 millionth Mini.

If you are fan of SUVs or small trendy cars, both mosaics offer a unique way for their fans to become part of their brand.

Update: Doing a bit digging (ie. looking at the Facebook developer info), it seems our friends at Picture Mosaics were behind these two great interactive mosaics.

Jeep photo mosaic Mini photo mosaic
Jeeps' Make History Mosaic