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Reviewed by zackattack    July 24, 2009

Don't judge a book by its cover.

I was looking to get a cool mosaic done for my brother who is off to college soon, and have it made up of all of our childhood pictures. I didn't want to spend TOO much money on it, and I saw that Mosaically had moderate prices compared to some other companies, but still looked like they knew what they were doing.

The site looked cool and well done, and the examples were clear and nice too. Unfortunately it was a bit misleading. When I received the final product I was disappointed with a handful of things. The 'cell' images were smaller than I thought they were going to be, and a little difficult to see, especially for my parents. Another huge issue was the main image was just overlayed onto the cells. There were blatant lines cutting right through all the smaller images. They just superimposed it right on top. I went back to the site and actually zoomed into the examples and saw that they were all like that. My fault for not further researching I guess.

In the end, I wasn't happy. I still gave it to my brother, but ended up getting him something else as well. I can now understand the differences in price range between all the mosaic companies. I haven't seen or tried any of the other companies out so I can't really comment on them, but if the quality is reflected by the price, I'd be willing to drop the extra cash for the better product.

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